Registry FAQ

Creating & Managing a Registry

Why should I register?

Registering helps your friends and family get you a gift that you will both like and use! It also saves you the time of having to return unwanted  or unnecessary gifts. A registry is also a great place to keep track of what you have and need for baby.

Where do I register?

You can register in our Fashion Island store or on the web here. 

How do I create a registry?

From our homepage, or from the top of any other page on our site, click on gift registry. On the next web page, click create.  After completing and confirming your info, you will be ready to start adding items to your registry. Click here to get started.

What items can I add to the registry?

You can add any item that appears on our website or in our store. We recommend adding everything you think you will need big or small. This offers a variety of price points for gift givers and also allows you to save 10% on anything you do not receive with our Completion Program. 

How do I add items to my registry?

Products may be added to your registry from any product page by clicking the Add to Registry button. If you are not logged in the website will prompt you to log in before the product can be added.

Will my online registry be available to in store purchasers and vice versa?

Definitely, in fact our new website was created with our registry customers in mind. Anything added to your registry in store will be available to purchase online and vice versa. 

How do I edit my registry online?

From the Gift Registry page click the Manage link. Once you are logged in select which registry you would like to manage. From this registry page you will be able to update quantities and delete items.

How do I delete or cancel my registry?

You can delete your registry by calling our Fashion Island store at (949) 644-4122.

Where, when and how will my gifts be shipped?

When you create your registry, you will be asked to specify a Ship To address. The gift giver will choose where and how the gift will be shipped to you. Many times a gift giver will choose to have a gift sent to their address so that they can give the gift to you in person. UPS and FedEx deliveries take about 5-10 business days for in-stock items. 

Can I register for gift cards?

Of course! Gift cards are a great way to pay for larger items such as furniture and strollers. Gift cards can also be used for items needed after the baby arrives like diapers and bath products. 

How are returns handled?

Non-custom items can be returned to our Fashion Island store for store credit within 30 days of receipt. All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization. The receive a Return Authorization please contact

Can I have more than one registry?

Absolutely, feel free to create a registry for Baby's 1st Birthday, Christmas Wishlists and more. There are no limits to the number of registries you can create. 

How long will my registry be available after the event?

Your registry will be available for one year after your event date. If you would like to have this time extended, you will need to edit your profile and change the event date. 

Sharing your Registry

Is there an easy way to email my registry to friends and family?

Yes, when you are logged in to your registry click on Share and a direct link to your registry will appear. You can copy and paste that link or share it directly from the page by clicking on the email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr or LinkedIn buttons. 

How else can my guests find my registry?

From any page on our website click on the Gift Registry link, then Find. To find the registry at least one letter of the first name must be entered. 

What if I receive duplicate gifts?

While our registry and in store systems do update quickly you may receive duplicate items. If this happens just let us know and we will gladly exchange the duplicate item for another item on your registry or issue store credit in the item amount.

    What are registry announcement cards and how do I get them?

    Registry insert cards are a great way to let friends and family know where you've registered. You can request registry insert cards over the phone (949) 644-4122, via email or in person at our Fashion island store. 


    Purchasing from a Registry

    Where can I purchase a gift from the registry?

    You can purchase a gift from a registry in our Fashion Island store or online at

    How do I find someone's registry?

    Go to Gift Registry and then under Find your guests will have to enter your last name and at least one letter of your first in order to find your registry. You can search for a registry by the first and last name of the registrant.

    How do I purchase from someone's registry?

    You can select items directly from the registry list, select quantities and then add them to your shopping cart. Alternatively, you may click on the items from the registry list and view item details. You will be able to add these items to your shopping cart or return to the registry list to select different items.

     Where and when will these items ship?

    You may choose to have the item(s) shipped directly to the registrant (we have their address) or you may have the item(s) shipped to you so you can give them in person. UPS and FedEx deliveries take about 5-10 business days for in-stock items. 

    What if everything on the registry has already been given?

    In the event all items have been purchased off of a registry a Newport Cottages gift card makes a great gift! If gift cards aren't your style just give us a call and we can contact the registrant to request that more items are added to their registry or help you put together a great gift that suits the registrants taste.


    After the Event

    Didn't receive everything you registered for?

    After your event date we will send you an email with a personalized completion code for your use. This discount code will entitle you to 10% off any remaining items on your registry for the 6 months following your event. 

    The discount code cannot be applied to previous orders and cannot be used with any other offers. This offer is intended for the use of the registrant. Any usage by a third party is subject to termination of the code and cancellation of the order.

    How do I redeem my completion code?

    Your completion code can be used during the designated six month time period in our Fashion Island store or at
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